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Head of Engineering
Kyiv, Ukraine
Client's product is Gun Detection System Technology detects weapons before they go off.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Client's product AI powered technology analyzes multiple data points in real time to help detect crimes faster and more accurately than legacy systems that only rely on humans. Athena works to be an extension of your security program and help prevent crimes from happening.
✔ Providing technical guidance to engineering teams and top management
✔ Advice, manage, structure teams that accomplish company goals per model: Reduce the # of false positives
✔ Keep high accuracy rate
✔ Providing technical guidance to engineering teams and top management
✔ Continuous quality improvements (maintain bug-free, critical safety software)
✔ Finding and implementing ways to improve cost-efficiency
✔ Maintaining good relationships with internal and external stakeholders

8+ years of experience in management
Master's degree in business administration
Bachelor's degree within the engineering field
Up-to-date knowledge of the industry
Must-have skills:
English Fluency
People management
Delivery, project, process management
Hire, Train, Grow proper talent mix to accomplish goals
Creativity (able to apply none standard approaches)

Nice-to-have skills:
Knowledge, experience, or demonstrated interest in ML or some kind of ai
Testing methodologies, automated and manual
Reporting and monitoring
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