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Head of HR
Kyiv, Ukraine
Client's product is Gun Detection System Technology detects weapons before they go off.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Client's product AI powered technology analyzes multiple data points in real time to help detect crimes faster and more accurately than legacy systems that only rely on humans. Athena works to be an extension of your security program and help prevent crimes from happening.
Key areas of responsibility:
✔ Provide full cycle of HR service (excluding recruitment) to the teams, including onboarding, individual/team retention tools, training & development strategies, etc.
✔ Working with Teams on improving the quality of cooperation and delivery performance.
✔ Drive, influence, advise and support the cultural and people aspects of organisational change, structures, people process, and business improvement initiatives in order to improve business efficiency and people management allowing for planned growth.
✔ Assist in customising of HR procedures and ensure they are followed by employees.
✔ Provide personal support on the research, design, and development of HR initiatives.
✔ Responds to organisational changes, employees' needs, complains, wishes, creating solutions to employee's challenges.
5+ years in HR Manager role, or a solid background in HR.
Strong experience designing and implementing the company's HR plan and its associated initiatives, events, and staffing & retention activities
Strong background creating and implementing recruiting and retention programs
Strong business, consulting, negotiation, conflict management and problem solving skills
Strong written and verbal communication & presentation skills
Full working proficiency in English, Russian, and Ukrainian required.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
A proactive approach to achieving business objectives and finding solutions to business challenges.
Excellent organisation and planning skills with a high level of attention to detail.
Great desire to work with people.
Ability to handle multitasking efficiently.
Experience in the IT industry is a plus, but not a must.
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