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Android Engineer
Kyiv, Ukraine
About Us
With over 15 million active users and $90 million in venture funding, Product is the world's largest mobile app for families. Today, we are focused on location sharing and safety, but our mission is to become the must-have Family Membership that gives families peace of mind anytime and anywhere. From personalised location-based alerts that help make daily coordination easier, to advanced sensor tech that can detect if you are in a car crash and automatically send you an ambulance, we are leveraging smartphones to their fullest extent to reinvent how families get through the day.

About the Job
Client has been laser-focused on providing an amazing experience to users in the US. This has been very successful for us, but now it is time to expand our global reach. A majority of our users sign up outside the US, so there is a huge opportunity for us to make a global impact on the lives of families all over the world.

As an engineer on the newly-formed Growth Team, you will be contributing to the top-priority initiative of improving the Product experience internationally. The Product Android app uses cutting edge technology to deliver services to families around the world, and there are many opportunities for career growth as we deliver new experiences to our users.

Examples of work that you will do at Product as a Senior Android Growth Engineer:
Develop telemetry systems to measure and improve application performance in the wild
Improve app launch times, which in turn improves retention makes our users even happier
Build app-wide support for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew
Participate in the interview process to help us hire great talent

You are someone who is:
Excited by challenges with localization and delivering high-quality experiences to international markets. Product is all over the world, and we currently support 12 languages. With your help, we are making our international experience even better.
Comfortable with the breadth of Android platforms and hardware. 86% of the world's smartphone users are on Android, and these devices come in all shapes and sizes.
Experienced with cutting-edge client-server communication. Our servers handle over 2.1 billion requests per day from our Android app alone, so any optimizations you make will be incredibly impactful to our business.
Has proven results in improving app launch times and performance. We are polishing a finely-tuned machine, and making it lightning fast for our users. Every second of launch time you can save will mean our users will love our app even more.
Comfortable developing cross-functional features that span several platforms. You will have ownership over the performance of our Android app, and will be able to make broad-reaching improvements in the user experience.

You have the following experience:
Minimum 3+ years of Android development experience
Experience working on a shipping app
Passionate for technology and never-ending curiosity about the new features in Android
Comfortable with multiple areas of the Android SDK
Comfortable in a small, intense, and high-growth start-up environment

We'd be excited if you have:
A sense of humor and the ability not to take yourself too seriously
Experience with internationalisation of Android apps
Experience with multiple mobile platforms
Experience with RxJava or other streaming methodologies
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