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Technical Writer
Kyiv, Ukraine
About the company:
Client is a product company in the i gaming industry.
Our passion is to make the most entertaining and innovative slot games possible.
Combining proven game designs and creativity, we make the games players want to play.
You can't just be good. You've got to be great. And that's what we strive for every day.
Our team values are maintaining high quality, following the best & modern practices, continuous development.

Responsibilities :

Producing and permanently updating all software release documentation (installation guide, configuration guide, user's guide, release notes, white papers etc.)
Creating, editing and proofreading internal documentation (product development guidelines, wiki and etc.)
Gathering and processing feedback from the development team and implementation teams to create quality product documentation considering the target audience
Consulting the product development team on the product UI texts for grammar, user-friendliness and overall consistency
Create game marketing sheets including the game description, Game story (Marketing)
Responsible for managing of the different translations packages
Responsible to help maintain the company website with different content
Responsible for helping with posting to different portals and social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, recruitment portals etc...

Proficiency in written English and good command of spoken English
At least 2 years of technical writing experience in IT
Basic technical knowledge (understanding protocols, formats, communications, basic system architecture (client-server), APIs etc..
Skilled in using templates and formatting styles
Experience with JIRA and Confluence

Conditions and benefits :
Extremely smart team (be ready for brain challenges every day)
Lovely office
Free English classes
Health insurance
Challenging and non-standard tasks
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