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Senior Java Developer
Our team is looking for a skilled backend software engineer to join our company.
You will be facing challenging tasks in a distributed environment.
We prefer small focused teams to achieve technical and business goals.
Our company creates solutions for large OTT media products.
If you want to take part in a challenging and interesting project — please apply!

More information will be provided by the responsible consultant.
✔Java 8+ (3+ years of experience)
✔ Frameworks (spring/ mybatis/ netty)
✔ Familiarity with build and CI frameworks — maven, Jenkins
✔ Experience with relational databases, practical knowledge of SQL
✔ Strong understanding of lean practices

Nice to have:
✔ Kotlin
✔ NoSQL databases
✔ Microservice architecture
✔ Functional principles and patterns
✔ Deep MySQL knowledge, query optimization
✔ Experience with high-load systems
✔ Docker, Kubernetes
✔ Service discovery (consul, etcd etc.)

As a part of one of our cross-functional agile teams, you are going to be in charge of engineering and implementing of high loaded, distributed, mission-critical services for our platform gain knowledge about high-load systems architecture and infrastructure make A/B experiments for sensible decision making see the results of your work in production choose the most suitable field of interest for you.
Employment type: Full time.
Required English level: tech documentation study only.
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