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Back End Developer
Client is a young emerging company that develops, integrates and sells advanced end-to-end connected vehicle technologies. Operating out of Russia, India, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Singapore, the company partners with vehicle OEMs, dealership, Tier 1 suppliers, as well as telecom operators, mostly in emerging markets. Among the names the company supplies to or partners with are Lada, Kia, Skoda, Chevrolet, Veon, Blaupunkt, and others.

To support its growth and develop new product line to the vibrant automotive market, Client is looking for new team members to join the company's journey and to bring advanced high technologies into the automotive and mobility sectors in the region.
The role of the Middle Backend Developer is to be involved in localisation of services, integration into local infrastructure (payment systems, parking, toll roads and alike), development new services, upgrading existing products, workload balancing between server applications, data distribution, tables and data structures design. His / her key objective will be to contribute to the development and to maintain M2M platform and related products in accordance with product development plan.
Qualifications and skills:
✔ minimum of 2 years of development experience
✔ technologies and frameworks:
- C#/Java/NodeJS/Python (any of listed)
- experience building RESTful APIs
- experience with the Docker is a plus
- good understanding of multi-threading/multitasking, processes and async I/O
- reactive extensions
- TDD experience is a plus
- any experience with RabbitMq, Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, Spark, PostgreSQL is a plus
✔ experience in startups / distributed teams is highly desirable
✔ capacity to take responsibility and initiative
✔ ability to quickly learn and adapt to changes
✔ capacity to work alone and in a team, under conditions of uncertainty and distress - highly desirable:
- good English
- proficiency with automotive IT products, CANbus, telematics and related protocols
- experience in IoT, big data applications
- understanding or good knowledge of client applications (webreact, Android, iOS)

Remuneration, office and administration:
a salary to be discussed individually
location: office in Almaty or Nur-Sultan; remote work is possible, but less desirable
operational matters, coordination and reporting
- reporting to software team lead
- product coordination: software team lead, product owners, local support teams
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