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Senior Cryptographer
Kyiv, Ukraine
About II UK registered company
Company type II Money transfer solution: e-Wallet, Payment System, Payment Gateway (18 countries)
Background II Part of a Group of companies with strong financial background from the group of companies (more than 20 years on the market)
Management office II Kyiv
Head office II Dubai
Kyiv II R&D office in Guliver (now Creative States, separate office in progress)
Working schedule II in office full time, remote day negotiated personally
Employees II up till 30 people
Employment II Private entrepreneur
Bonuses II all you need for work in the office, snacks, paid sick days, paid vacation, medical insurance (in progress) + addition bonuses
Project type II fresh developed with clean track record
We are looking for proactive, creative and highly experienced Cryptographer to join our team of professional and talented people. You will be expected to have solid background and understanding of analysis of the security of applications, protocols, services and systems as well as you will be responsible for deployment of DPKI infrastructure based on blockchain technology.
Skills and Experience
Proven experience in development of cryptography, blockchain and similar areas
Proven experience with modern cryptographic / steganographic protocols and primitives, security analysis of crypto / stegano systems
Solid understanding of ECC/RSA cryptography, hashes, symmetric block/chiphers
Expertise with post-quantum symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, digital signatures, hash functions, authentication protocols
Expertise with cryptoanalysis and decryption, including using distributed computing
Experience in reverse engineering of applications, protocols, including for mobile platforms based on iOS, Android

Additional Requirements
Strong analytical skills
Strong communication skills in order to work with engineers and other technical personnel

Ph.D. or Masters in Computer Science or related discipline.

Language proficiency
Advanced English level verbal as well as written

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