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Senior iOS Developer
Kyiv, Ukraine
Built for the people always on the move, Product is the UK start up fin-tech company focused on hassle-free domestic and international transfers, peer-to-peer payments, and retail and agrarian micro-lending programs. Within its mobile app, Product provides fast, smart, and highly secured banking experience. Starting with paperless account opening, Product offers access to a fully mobile bank account and a network of personal and business memberships that help to optimise the spending of our peers. Our mission and vision is to empower the lives of all our users globally. With Product, young students, small businesses, and financially excluded communities enter not only a user-friendly digital banking app but also the system of unique financial programs supporting those individuals and groups who are unable to obtain loans from legacy banks. Our micro-lending and microcredit features are created in an uncomplicated and fair play, ready to serve those who need them the most.

We are looking for a number of experienced Android developers with recent banking/fin-tech experience in building secure Native apps in to join our team in Kiev.

Previous Banking/Fintech domain experience.
✔ 4+ years of experience in software development.
✔ Native IOS development experience.
✔ Swift, Java, Objective-C, or Kotlin Native App Design Patterns
✔ Material design and SOLID principles.
✔ Design/Build/Test and Deploy
✔ Deep understanding of App Security from working in a Banking regulated environment.
✔ A team player with a genuine interest in working in a fast paced Fintech with an open mind and ability to learn new skills.

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