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Team lead Back End
Kyiv, Ukraine
About II UK registered company
Company type II Money transfer solution: e-Wallet, Payment System, Payment Gateway (12 countries)
Background II Part of a Group of companies with strong financial background from the group of companies (more than 20 years on the market)
Management office II Poland
Head office II Dubai
Kyiv II R&D office in Guliver (now Creative States, separate office in progress)
Working schedule II in office full time, remote day negotiated personally
Employees II up till 30 people
Employment II Private entrepreneur
Bonuses II all you need for work in the office, snacks, paid sick days, paid vacation, medical insurance (in progress) + addition bonuses
Project type II fresh developed with clean track record
Development experience 4 years. Solid knowledge of:
Design Patterns; Yii2 at least 2 years;
MVC understanding;
Experience of integrations with payment platforms and all kind of third-party services;
Ajax, Pjax;
JS + JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap
REST understanding;
SOAP understanding;
English: upper intermediate.
Additional information:
We are using PHP on the backend maintaining best practices of OOP, including extensive usage of SOLID principles, modularity, loose coupling, DIP usage, approaches like MVC and so on.
It is completely different approach from lower / junior level of web-sites development where ones widely used PHP language without proper OOP and mostly practice functional code style and even "spaghetti-code", direct SQL queries and so on.
We are using AWS, again aiming to best cloud solution practices, and going to build complete cloud-based solution with auto-balancing of instances, deploying of instances close to end-user region, usage of queues, no-SQL DBs, in-memory DBs, sharding etc.

Technology Stack:
Operation system - Unix / Linux
Cloud - Amazon Web Services
Web-server - Nginx
On-premises - Private Data Centers
DBMS - PostgreSQL 9.6 +
Virtualization - VMWare / KVM
Programming language - PHP 7.2 +
Telemetry Storage - InfluxDB 1.7 + / ELK (ElasticSearch LogStash Kibana)
Used framework - Yii2
Hardware Monitoring - Zabbix
Caching - Redis
CI/CD - GitLab CI
Task manager - Cron
Dependency Control - Composer
Load Balancing - HAProxy
Knowledge Database - Confluence, Postman
Server QUEUE - RabbitMQ 3.7 +
Mobile APP Development - JavaScript: Cordova, Vue2, Es6+
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